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Ca’ Rugate is organic!

Starting from the 2020 vintage Ca’ Rugate wines, progressively according to their different aging times, will carry on the label the organic certification of the European community.

It is therefore the culmination of a path of rigor, respect and environmental sustainability started...

Ca’ Rugate is organic!

It is therefore the culmination of a path of rigor, respect and environmental sustainability started silently many years ago, following the principles of past generations which, first of all, have taught me and handed down that the land must be respected, because only in this way it will express its best fruits and will remain healthy and vital for subsequent generations. I believe that, in this short communication, there are two fundamental aspects that need to be further underlined: Ca’ Rugate covers almost 90 hectares and covers 3 main areas of the territory: Soave Classico, Valpolicella and Lessini Durello; hilly lands, where viticulture becomes heroic, with positions exceeding 35% of average slope. In this context, working the vineyards is completely different from cultivations in the plains and requires special experiences and sacrifices. All this is made possible by a human capital of excellence, composed by capable people, tenacious and sentimentally linked to a corporate vision that knows no mediation to achieve maximum quality. Without them all this would not be possible and to them goes my greatest thanks. I wish to share one last reflection: in the varied world of wine, where information and narratives overlap quickly and often without the support of a traceability, credible, real and narrable stories under the watchful gaze of the sky, I believe we must preserve them with care, with the same care that the vineyards and the land require to give us the great wines that make us dream with open eyes. Thank you for your attention, your trust e for all the pages we will still write together. Michele Tessari and Family.