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The sun, rain, wind and oxygen; every day has its weather and every year it’s different.
Just as the essence of the grapes is different in every harvest.

Since the harvest of 2020, the wines of Ca’ Rugate have been labelled with the biological certification of the European Community, progressively according to their different aging times. This is the declaration of a rigorous procedure, with respect and sustainability for the environment, begun quietly many years ago. Working manually on the hillside terrain following biological requisites, in places where winegrowing becomes heroism with some sites on a 35% slope, adds further value to the human capital invested daily to continue and conserve the magic.


The place where the product takes shape

Discovering the Ca’ Rugate winery means following a trail through history, where traditions live side by side with contemporary ways, and the simple atmosphere of post-war farm life has given way to the most modern technology of this century. With the awareness that the past is our memory and that the production process of wine in its deepest essence has not changed, we work with the aim of expressing the authentic, complex qualities of our vines, their unique and unrepeatable identity.
Over 4 thousand square meters of floor area on 3 levels, where all the processes of vinification are concentrated, with refining, bottling and aging of the wine.


A winery with high technological value. On the ground floor are the vinification areas. Here the grapes are crushed, the must is treated and the processes of vinification take place in about a hundred steel tanks, of variable size, to allow the different cru of the company to be selected and treated separately and accurately, as well as the micro-vinification being experimented. In the same areas the bottling takes place and the wine is stored, kept at a controlled temperature of 16 °C.

Drying grapes

On the first floor is the grape loft dedicated exclusively to drying the grapes for Recioto di Soave. Into the 500 m2 of available space about 10 thousand crates of grapes are transferred each year, with a potential of 5 kg each. The Amarone grapes, on the other hand, have to be dried by regulation in a special loft dedicated to the activity in the municipal buildings of Cazzano di Tramigna. In both cases the spaces are equipped with a system of ventilation and humidity control to guarantee the ideal drying conditions.


In the basement level are the barrel cellar and the bottle cellar. An area of 500 m2 in which around 200 wooden barrels of different sizes, all from France, are placed to refine the different wines. In this same space part of the production of Spumante Metodo Classico Fulvio Beo takes place, with the second fermentation, regarding circa 35 thousand bottles per year. In the most hidden and secret part is the Caveau, the bottle cellar where hundreds of bottles of different vintages are aged, a real treasure chest of Time, signed by Ca’ Rugate.